Lodge 829 teaming up to build more bikes

"A bicycle is a kid’s first taste of freedom, when they hop on that bike, pedal hard and feel the wind flow through their hair.  Freedom is an emotion worth dying for, whole countries are founded on it. And for a kid, a bicycle is that first taste of it."

Building bikes for kids in need

Last year Lodge 829 teamed up and was able to deliver 74 bikes to kids in need via Toys for Tots.  This year we're teaming up with Bikes for Tikes again to try to improve on our number from last year and reach even more kids in need.


Bikes for Tikes, the name for a small group of folks led by Lodge 829 member Shawn Lucas, is a group that buys, builds, and delivers bikes to Toys for Tots around Christmas. Our lodge will be hosting the building party and bike dropoffs this season in an effort to lend a hand!


Our party will be held on December 19, 2015 at 5PM in the hall upstairs.

Check out the links!

Feel free to learn a little more about the drive in general at the links below:



Bikes for Tikes Facebook Page


Bikes for Tikes website





October 25, 2015